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Blackjack Reviews & Signup Bonus

Not only is Blackjack one of the globe’s most popular casino game, it is also available at just about every online casino you can imagine. The simplicity of the game is it’s main attraction, with only a few cards per game you can win or go bust in a matter of seconds- and that thrill keeps coming back in their millions!

You can bet there’s not just one way to play this game, and it has received revamps in past years to make the standard game more challenging. Below is a quick look at some of the most popular ways to play Blackjack online and beat the dealer:

Classic blackjack

This game is played traditionally with a single deck of cards, but can be played in deck multiples of 2 up to 8 decks. The player and the dealer are both given 2 cards each, but one of the dealer’s cards are flipped over so you can see what they’ve got. To win in this simple game, all you have to do is get a higher number than the dealers cards, when both yours are added up, but if your cards total more than 21 you’re ‘bust’ and the dealer wins.

Face up 21

As the name suggests, with this game you’re allowed to view all of the dealers cards instead of just one. It does make the game slightly easier, however the dealer in this game wins any game where the card totals between the players are matched. The card that is usually hidden in regular play is named the ‘hole’ card, so Face Up 21 is sometimes known as ‘no hole Blackjack’.

Spanish 21

This game consists of a standard 52 deck, however all the tens are removed leaving just 48. All the royal cards- Kings, Queens and Jack- get a value of 10, meaning there is a total of 12 cards with a value of 10. Doing this tips the game odds towards the dealer, and the house, but playing the game is much more exciting when you take into account the statistics of going bust by drawing an extra card.


Perhaps the simplest form of Blackjack after the traditional game, Pontoon offers players the chance to beat the dealer by only drawing 2 cards. Added features to this game such as twisting and sticking add pressure to the player, as the final outcome and winnings is all down to a single decision.